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Two game installations

  • Hello I am new to the forum and I would like your help.
    I own the Steam version of the game and after the last update I have to reinstall my mods because even with the new scripthook I found some problems in the mods folder.
    I wonder how I can have two installed versions of the game (steam) a vanilla version to play online with automatic updates and one without the automatic update which I can use the mods and play in story mode.
    Can anybody help me?

  • when you have the original game folder of the game move it to a folder and call it online now copy that folder to another 1 call it gta sp now u can add mods folder and play with it everytime u want to go online delete the whole game folder and replace it with gta sp folder (where u have all ur mods)

  • Thank you very much! I'll try that.

  • @Hudson-Garcia In my steam location i got 2x Grand theft auto V folder.

    1 i name Clean_Grand theft auto V_clean

    The other Grand Theft auto V
    When done modding to go online i do this

    Rename Grand theft auto v to
    mods_ Grand theft auto v_mods

    and rename the Clean_Grand theft auto V_clean
    Grand theft auto V

  • @yeahhmonkey
    Thank you, but I'm sorry, I'm beginner and do not quite understand your method.
    What about installing mods and the steam auto update problem?

  • @Hudson-Garcia We all have to update i know it sucks :(
    but for easy switch to online it's easy to use a modded folder and a normal one

  • @yeahhmonkey
    Ok Thanks...

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