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[SCRIPT] ELS = Emergency Lighting System

  • First of all: That´s my first Request so hopefully I´m doing it right like that :D

    I couldn´t find specifically that Request so I´m trying to find someone with the Knowledge.

    I´ve sadly updated my GTA 5 Game (No Steam Version, Social Club Version) and everything works fine up until i found GREAT Police-Car mods... but they need the ELS Mod. Therefore I was gooing to Google it and found it... well, at least what´s left because it wasn´t updated since 2017 and it seems it isn´t working at all with the ne Launcher, crashing the Game even before going Ingame.

    Therefore i wanted to ask someone to... well, yeah... "copy" that Script/Plugin or trying to make it working with the new Launcher. Wanted that Police Car SO BADLY :( I know it is a rather special kind of Request therefore i´m not getting my hopes up at all. I´ve lived without that Script up until now so i will, most likely, survive it :D

  • Edit: bad advice ignore what I said :(

    Last game update (pre launcher) every other time ELS would cause my game to crash on startup and the only way to fix it was to install els again(removing it would also cause it to crash mysteriously)

  • @TRDOffroad97 Are you sure it is working? There are a lot of people who downloaded it and the game crashed after installing, I didn´t try it because it didn´t want my Game to crash :D

  • @Deathmatic your right its not working for anyone on the newest version. I realized my mistake after responding. Sorry about the false information currently away from the game till next month and thought it was just a normal error people are having.

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