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Changing the color of lights? [a.k.a "Neons Needed"] How do? Wat do?

  • Anyone have an idea how in the hell you change the color values of lights and/or how to create neon effects for outdoor lighting, or any prop packs that might exist with neon lights in it?
    I tried straight up copying the lights that were around the city such as the ones shown in the pic with Menyoo, but when you do they just default back to a regular bright white light. Help me out Folks. The builds I'm working on are going to look like sh*t without the neon accents. Thanks ahead of time.
    alt text

  • @chonkie Thanks for that link Chonkie

  • @PsiBurner No problem. And if you don't want to mess with making your own in 3ds, I would suggest trying to use CodeWalker to build with. I've added lights around the map and each time I've taken a light from the area I was in and it had a color to it, the color stayed when I placed the light using CW.

  • @chonkie Awesome! That's what I needed to hear. I'll give it a shot. Thanks again

  • @PsiBurner Here's a link to a CW tutorial I made where I place a street light I took from nearby and it has an orange tint to it. Video will also help you get started with using CW. Just need to start a new project as opposed to loading up a ymap like I did, or you could add on to an existing ymap.

  • @chonkie You are a Champion. You just made my life a whole lot easier

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