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First Ever FULL 8K Water Texture

  • Hey Folks,

    I working on a Full 8K water Texture ( for real, and i think this is the first wich is fully in 8K). At moment i am testing it in GTA ( it dont look realy good atm..) I think i release it in the next week, if i have enough time. Little Prev of the first Texture ( the other are not finshed atm): prev

    I think i make an oiv file. so the question is do is, do want a manual version too?

    please wrote your Thoughts below, maybe you have some tips.


  • @Felix2809 I'm not sure if it's first :grimacing: here
    Anyway I more like this 4K version so maybe would not be first but could be best :pray_tone3: GL


    @Felix2809 yes make a manual version

  • @ArmaniAdnr yeah i see this , but i dunno if this fully 8k 🤷‍♂️ so sorry if the title was a litle bit of clickbait 😐
    but thank you ✌

  • @Felix2809 I'm not sure aswell at the fact that I think that 4K which I mentioned look better :grin: but we can't know that's why I mentioned it xixi :shrug_tone3: looking forward to be wondered by yours :muscle_tone3:

  • @Felix2809 Great !! Don't forget to add new bump,foam and other maps : )

  • Changing the texture resolution of the waterclear texture in water.ytd does not make any visible difference whatsoever. These mods are a complete waste of time.

  • @Razed woah!! you are absolutely right for honest !!

    But it's not a waste of time here , for suppose the water can change the behaviour (Waves) whenever Like changing the BUMP MAP :| or other related to the water :|

  • Hey guys :)

    here are the first in-game screenshots of the texture :) what do you think?

    Bild Text

    Bild Text

  • @Felix2809 I think that part where water goes over the sand is f***** awesome !!! biggest issue on water textures is that foam I think and this look really REAL :pray: do you have aswell screens of waterfalls for example in mission 'Derailed' are more small water leaps where it could be nicely see (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    here you go :D if i have time tomorow, i will make a trailer :)

    Bild Text

    Bild Text

  • here it is :D

  • @Felix2809 omg I dropped my breakfast while watching it and it's not metaphor, I really did! :grin: :heart_eyes:

  • I just uploaded the file 😄 i hope the admins quickly approve the file 😁 enjoy 😊

  • Update 1.1 is online. the yellowish water is now fixed :)

  • New update online!

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