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Halfway there guys, but I need your help. I pay!!!

  • Here are some clothes I had someone rig up for me to go along with my Michael Jackson Ped. alt text

    I created the Michael Jackson ped with help from gta_Kwabz. alt text

    I'm not sure if he's available, but if anyone here can take that model, and add these clothes, I will pay. I had someone literally make these from scratch. I paid him for his work. Now I want to pay you for your work. If you, or anyone you know can make this for me, I will share the files with you, and make it worth your while.


    afaik kwabz is pretty active, why not hit him up first?
    btw, pretty awesome (!)

  • I hit him up, but I think he might be busy. I really don't want to be a pest. So I figured I would put out the call for anyone who can do it. You're right. Kwabz is awesome, but I think he's working on other projects at the time.

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