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Game broken since update? Vanishing textures etc

  • I'm pretty sure this only started with Diamond DLC update.. since then I went from 4k to 1920, removed all mods, removed GTA ReSized, switched textures V High -> Normal, tried various gameconfigs and still fucking vanishing textures when I drive :'(
    Anyone else??

  • @VoxR Only time I've experienced this issue was when I had too many unoptimized addon cars spawned in my game.

  • @VoxR I've been getting random pops every now and then too, you're not crazy.
    They're random and quick, lasting for a fraction of a second where the world will just disappear around me and then go back to normal. Happens every hour or so.
    Rockstar is gonna Rockstar tbh.

  • @PsiBurner Damn man, I have it for like 5 - 10 seconds at a time.
    Thing is, I haven't changed my rig and it used to run fine with way more stuff. Maybe some crappy Win10 update did this?

    Tried reinstalling graphics drivers fresh now, no change. Used to run better on a damned HDD!
    1050 Ti 3gb
    i5 2500k 3.5ghz
    8gb RAM DDR3 1600

  • Yes, me too and even got a fps drop 75+ to 50+ on low settings

  • Same issue here ffs R* can you give us an update that doesn't make the game unplayable...

  • @VoxR Do these following steps -

    1.) Make this edit to your gameconfig

    <ArchiveCount value="3160"/>
    <PhysicalStreamingBuffer value="756"/>
    <VirtualStreamingBuffer value="3000"/>

    2.) Make this edit to visualsettings.dat -

    lod fade distances

    lod.fadedist.orphanhd 30.0
    lod.fadedist.hd 30.0
    lod.fadedist.lod 30.0
    lod.fadedist.slod1 30.0
    lod.fadedist.slod2 35.0
    lod.fadedist.slod3 35.0
    lod.fadedist.slod4 35.0

    3.) DL this, and run it -


    Finally, get a new save file - this one, I recommend -


    Now fire up your game, and try again

  • @eshenk Thanks! But I think I would pass on those LOD values as it's not a low LOD issue, it's literally whole street blocks vanishing below me, but those streamingengine might help for sure. I did try raising those before, but the issue persisted that time so I reverted it.
    Normal textures and lower res "fixed" it for now.. but before this update, I was playing 4K with better settings and textures than I have now, lol. Can't even use the stupid casino xD

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