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Good tutorial about making MLO interiors from start to finish

  • Is there something out there? I watched like two different ones. But they usually are concerned about either placing interiors that are already made or editing them.
    Not making new ones FROM SCRATCH. Which is what I want to know. Let's say a small shack, or something. Just how and where would I start when I want to make an entirely new one?

    Does anyone know of some good tutorials?

  • @killerrj8 https://dekurwinator-mods.bitrix24.site/#block88 Watch and follow each tutorial. He doesn't show how to make one from scratch, but once you learn the basics, it isn't that difficult and you'll know how to make one from scratch. Starting with his tutorial on how to place vanilla interiors is actually real helpful for most of the process. Making the actual interior in 3ds is something you'll just have to practice with. Other than his tutorials, there really isn't much else out there.

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