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What happened to locotomb's mods?

  • It seems he deleted in here since there is no trace of his car mods anymore, which kinda sucks since it was pretty good quality car mods he have made.

    Any reason why?



    not that I'm aware of? that indeed is a shame
    the last post he made on here @locotomb was working on a motorbike

  • @ReNNie Well, I was searching for his Ferrari F40 and Lancia Delta, but for some reason it doesn't show up anymore, at least on my part.


    @RogerDatSoldier stimmt, his mods are unpublished by author, don't know why

  • Skimming through their last posts you get a sense that they were getting fed up with all the bs that comes from modding this game. Rockstar's number one cash cow (the modding community) has been beaten to a pulp and it gets tiring. I for one take long breaks for just this reason, as I'm sure most do.
    Because they clearly have a devotion to the stuff they make, they probably disabled them so that they can't be abused or torn apart while they're away

  • Huh, that's weird on the move but also sucks that the cash cow aspect got pretty badly.

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