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So....is anyone else not able to load add on vehicles?

  • Have the updated scripthook, and tried a recent updated vehicle mod addon (2015 lambo aventador by vans123) ...also using updated version of native trainer from alex, but that didnt work, so i tried enhanced native trainer...still no luck..says model not found...wasnt able to load others that i had installed , so did a fresh root folder...no luck. any thoughts?

  • Have you checked your dlclist.xml? Make sure you copied it correctly from the instructions.

  • Lol damn those Rockstar guys, they "refreshed" the dlclist.xml. So it's pretty much back to normal now. You gotta add everything all over again. If you have a back up modded dlclist.xml you can copy and add it to the bottom of the dlclist.xml and it'll work. Same with the extratitleupdatedata.meta.

  • Okay..I jumped to conclusion before trying it. it didn't work. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

  • investigating on this, some work fine for me, for others it says "invalid model" but i am still able to spawn them from the "Added car spawn menu" butnsome meshes are missing

  • I get the invalid model on all of my add on cars. I've redone the dlclist.xml and the extratitleupdate.meta and tried the spawn it using both the trainer with the added list and spawn by name and still nothing. It still say "Invalid Model", I've tried multiple gameconfig.xml also and still no luck trying to spawn these damn cars. What the heck is going on? T_T

  • @Tacongcohan Check your files, invalid model means, your files are not correct.

  • @sjaak327 Idk what else I'm suppose to check man. I tried starting from the beginning and it still tell me the same thing. I followed the instruction from the beginning and when I tried to spawn it in-game by either name or added car menu. Still give me the same thing.

  • yeah, im following the instructions to a tee...adding a car...trying it, fail...add another...fail

  • @yeahhmonkey I tried multiple different one that are updated to "1.0.877.1" and still no luck man.

  • @fraziek Are you sure that the lines you add to dlclist above these lines at the bottom



    And above these 2 lines in extratitleupdate


  • @bur587 Yep, everything works prior to the 1.0.877.1 update, I had a lot of cars added on and working fine. After the update is where everything went to crap for me. I just re-installed the game and I'm gonna start from scratch, will update you guys if it works. Maybe something went wrong because of the update.

  • @Tacongcohan If you have a previous version of GTA 5 installed, drag GTA5.EXE from your old to new. And delete mpbiker from dlclist, extratitleupdate, and dlcpacks. Updates only make changes to online so their is no point in updating your game.

  • @fraziek I have two installs of GTAV, a fully updated version and a disposable rolled back version that I add lots of mods to... I use it for compatibility testing with my own mod when people have a problem. I currently had 27 addon cars in that install and none in my updated version. Those 27 cars are all individual dlcpacks aswell.

    So I copied all the dlcpacks into my updated version's mods folder, added the required dlclist.xml lines, added the gameconfig from here (with vanilla density) https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars, copied all the lines from TrainerV.ini into the new version 4.1 just to make spawning them easier (I had to use 4.1 to stop the cars from disappearing) and the cars spawned with no errors.

    You don't need the extratitleupdate.meta file at all, it has no purpose for addon cars.

    However, I have almost no other mods installed... SkinControl, TrainerV and my own camera mod, that's it.

    Here's a picture of my dlclist.xml, my dlcpacks and my extratitleupdate.meta that if you notice, has no changes made to it at all.

    So maybe try installing just the dlcpacks, add the dlclist.xml lines, use that gameconfig with vanilla density and see how you get on... try with Simple Trainer V too, see if that makes any difference.

    alt text

  • @bur587 ..yessir, all that is correct...
    @LeeC2202 , thanks for that info...i believe i will give ur walkthrough a shot

  • @fraziek No problem, if you have issues with a specific vehicle, post the link and I will add it and try it.

    Edit: The bit about copying the ini lines in TrainerV won't apply to you, it's just that I had already added the cars to that ini, so it just saved me looking up the car names. :)

  • @LeeC2202 , could u screenshot ur GTAV folder?
    I want to make sure i have all the dll and .asi files

  • @fraziek Here you go, my scripts folder has a symbol on it because I use a symbolic link to a common location so that I can share it across both of my installs.

    ACSPatch.asi is the mod that stops the wheels centering when you exit the vehicle.

    alt text

  • @bur587 Sooooo! I've spent many many long hours trying multiple methods... (30 mins re installing the game) and evidently it was because of the gameconfig.xml. it has to also be updated to the current. Weirdly though, I've done that with a couple of different one but i guess they were either glitchy or didn't work. This one is that one that finally worked (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars). I did my best, I'm no expert at this, just following instruction. thanks for all that helped.

  • @Tacongcohan I was actually about to say that XD

  • @LeeC2202 ...it works...at least with the aventador and 370z...so I will get started with the rest lol...now if i can just figure out how to take them online without getting banned

  • @fraziek Excellent... sometimes you just have to go back to absolute basics and take small steps at a time.

    I don't know if you can go online with them though, I don't play online.

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