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[Request] Ellen Ripley from ALIENS (Model links included. 18+)

  • If any Modding Champions are looking for something to rig, here's three models of Sigourney Weaver a.k.a Ellen Ripley to work with. Should be able to rip the jump suit body, the underwear and rig it to the nude mesh from the looks of it.
    Would love to see her in game. Thanks ahead of time.

    alt text
    Ultimate 1979 Waifu
    alt text
    Ripley jumpsuit model
    Ripley underwear model
    Ripley nude model

  • Forgot to mention. If someone does rig her up and get her in game as a ped, I can make an HD photorealistic texture for her to replace the pasty garbage texture she comes with


    I'd support this with love and respect amd ,aybe a few $$$, nice one!

    //edit just clicked those links .. yummie

  • maybe i can help you with this model conversion, when i find some free time, tell me if someone is already working on it.

  • Im working on this model, and it progresses :)

  • Begin and I got together and traded our expertise to get this done. He's doing all the leg work on the Ripley model while I knock out some texture work he needed done for another project he's working on. So far Ripley is looking great!
    A big pat on the back for thebegin10, great guy!

  • Im finishing Ellen model and @PsiBurner gave me textures for my vagos ped, only one issue we need a suit to convert for Ellen, we only have underwear, so if someone can help us.

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