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GTA V Loading Story Mode Crashing...

  • Okay so I have been playing GTA V a bit more recently...

    I did the new update on a fresh install of the game and installed the mods I wanted, which are simply redux, an addon car pack and launcherbypass.

    The pack came with files that said "compatible for Redux Users" so compatibility doesnt seem to be the issue.

    The game was working completely fine for the last few days, but today I boot up the game and every time it closes itself on the second loading screen image...

    There is no pop-up window or crash message. It just closes.

    Tried to check logs in documents but cannot see any issues.

    Anyone got a similar problem that can help?

    The pack came with a gameconfig compatible with my game version and Redux...

    The thing is it was working fine with no issues at all the last week or so...


    Game Version; Newest


    Launcher Bypass Log

    ScriptHookDotNet2 Log

    ScriptHook Log

  • Do you mean the game was working fine before you installed Redux and the car pack or after?

  • @Justme2000 the game was working fine with redux and the car pack installed...

    then without changing any settings and without installing any extra mods, bam, crashes started...

    but no window with the typical "out of game memory" or " GTA V has stopped working"

    the game just closes and done

  • Can you start the game without mods?
    Otherwise have a look to your windows logfile for the crash.

  • Here is what windows log says;


    Faulting application?

    But today sometimes it has started fine and sometimes not

  • @21davy21 For me it looks like that it has something to do with the redux mod. But thats only a guess.
    The next i would try is to use another gameconfig (not the one from the mod). And because its a graphic mod maybe it helps to update your graphic driver.

    Found this guide to redux maybe it helps you, but don't forget to backup everything you change.

  • Okay have tried all that you said, still the same, no crash message or pop-up... the game just closes and done.

    in windows event viewer it still showing "application faulting".

    I jsut find it weird because sometimes it works, and then some days it just does this continuously...

  • @21davy21 I know it was working fine before with Redux and carpack, but did you tried it without Redux and the addon car pack?

  • I am having the same issue.But im not using redux or smtg i just open the game with the add-on car (it doesnt need any other files to open the car mod i am using (same with other car mods) but game closes without any pop-up message on second screen (I installed this mod(s) some days ago and it didn'T wwork even at first time (21davy21's was working b4 mine isn't)

  • @Justme2000 Their channel just discontinued so I can't watch it.

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