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What are the fake LOD traffic vehicles, anyone, please?

  • You know those ones you can see at night, always disappearing at a certain distance? At same point, real cars are rendered, but not the same models or in the same places, so it's quite crummy.
    I've been trying for days to figure out what those are and what available cfg values might change it.

    lodlight.small.range 250.0
    lodlight.medium.range 750.0
    lodlight.large.range 2500.0

    Thought it might be these just now, but again no luck. I'm trying to do this for one of my mods for release - to push back the distance where the crappy fake LOD cars are culled and real ones created, by about 50% - 100%.
    Any help very appreciated, even earn you a credit on my mod if it's precise xD

  • i've been trying to remove these fakes lods, have any sugestion?

  • Something in the distantlight.* section, maybe. I tried distantlight.carlight whatever it is, but I don't think it helped.
    None of the creationdistance values in gameconfig seemed to help it either.. fuck :D

  • @VoxR In your gameconfig, push the below values WAY out -

    <VehicleKeyholeShapeOuterRadius_Base value="150"/>
    <VehicleKeyholeShapeOuterRadius value="175"/>

    try raising both to like 500 or something

  • @eshenk No frikkin way! I was staring at those the other day wondering if it could possibly be describing the shape of an LOD perimeter! But couldn't bothered to do a reload to test... thank you so much! I will try it.

    You think coupling it with MaxCreationDistance stuff in gameconfig.xml would produce desired result? It's not so bad if there is a blank area where nothing spawns though. Better than headlights vanishing as you drive!
    Will have to credit you on my mod assuming it works :)

  • @VoxR Long ago I tested these out....when you pulls those values in, you will see these same LOD vehicles up real close to your position....they are just mirages without collisions or even wheels, they just float in mid-air. So you might have to push out even more so than 500, but if you go to far with it, you won't see any simulated traffic when flying a Heli etc

    Also max creation distance is for REAL models, so you only want to do that if you are trying to get more vehicle spawns in....course other values will need to be tweaked as well....I did a tutorial on this a couple years back.


    Some of what I said in there needs editing, LOL But most of it still is intact.

  • @eshenk Welp I tried it and tried matching the figures and it all seems to be working beautifully! Uploaded as Natural Realism Graphics 3.0 and crediting you, thx again!

  • @VoxR I thought I recognized your name. You modded Skyrim? I was there with you, if so.

  • @eshenk Wtf, yeah :D yours look familiar too I guess that was why! Small modding world.

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