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[SCRIPT] I am Zombie - Mod

  • What i was longer thinking about:

    There are many zombie stuff and mods. But i couldn't find one where you are playing as zombie. That means you need to find humans to survive and loading up your special skills. Victims with weapons or in zombie bases gives more energy.

    Like a mix between Human Needs, The Purge and Zombie Mod.
    Maybe there is already such mod somewhere.

    Also would be nice to have zombie animations like biting and eating brains.

  • Great idea that would require a lot of work to accomplish, and unfortunately custom animations are still not achievable. The ".ycd" animation format that GTAV uses has yet to be converted into a plugin for 3DS and other editing programs to export and edit through. We've seen some teasers over the years, but nothing substantial or tangible has come of it.

    A thread i made on the subject. Contains no real useful information other than conjecture and inquiry as of now. But worth keeping an eye on if in the future someone with knowledge of any progress being made might drop in and let us know:


  • @PsiBurner Yes, already saw this thread and the video. I guess if that happen a martial arts mod will definitely come. Alone the ingame animations now became a nice looking in some mods.

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