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Can't launch my Modded GTA V after New launcher update.

  • So I bought this game on steam, I copied the entire clean unmodded GTA to another Folder and filled it with mods. So now I have 2 GTA Vs, So my problem is ever since the update of rockstar game launcher, I try to run the modded version but it immediately redirects me to my unmodded steam version. I can't even launch the game by changing the GTA5.exe to PlayGTAV or something. Someone please help ASAP.

  • @Yaswanth_ynsv Either use OpenIv and a mods folder instead of two copies of the game, or if you want to do the two copies method, follow agent_smith's posts in this thread to switch between the two copies of gta5. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/23898/cant-get-mod-menu-to-work/8

    Not sure how well it is going to work out with the new launcher stuff.

  • Hey man , Thanks for replying, I just tried the method, As soon as I change the Registry value of my modded folder and I launch the game from the launcher file, It opens up rockstar launcher as usual , and when I checked the process file location in task manager, It went back to my unmodded directory! I immediately opened up registry editor again, The value was changed. How the hell do I put it on read only or something?

  • @Yaswanth_ynsv I don't know the answer to your last question. If you do what agent-smith posted then it should work.

    Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to use the two copies of the game method, I would suggest to use OpenIV and have it install the mods folder and just use that. Works great and is easy. If you want to go online, just have to rename one file, dinput8.dll to 1dinput8.dll to disable mods and you're good to go. Then rename that file back when you want to play offline modded. Super simple.

  • Thanks for the reply, and I just don't wanna risk getting banned or something that's why I have two copies. But thanks for the tip anyway. I'm just gonna avoid playing the modded gta version till someone comes up with a solution.

  • @Yaswanth_ynsv You've been given two solutions. You have no risk using OpenIV and a mods folder. And the solution to using two copies is in that link I provided. Others have used the info in that link and it worked fine for them.

  • @chonkie Alright I'll try his method one more time, I'll keep you posted how it goes.

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