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How do I revert to the previous version of GTA

  • So i just got forced to update to the newest version of gta and my game is completely broken. Now i am relatively new to PC modding but i have managed to get the things that i want working. I have hundreds of dlc vehicles, planes, tanks, and cars installed along with the LS Roads mod and VisualV+NatualVision graphics mod. Nothing works now and im slightly pissed. I dont want to know how to make everything work with the new update i would just really like some help on how to revert to the last version so my shit works again. I've already tried replacing my mods update.rpf folder with th new one and replacing my dlclist and extratitleupdate and yada yada it dont work still. I've been post-hopping and nobody can help me. My game was on a delicate balance. Everything was right where it needed to be and the slightest change would destroy that balance. This update destroyed that balance. And i tried turning it off and on again. Any help is appreciated..

  • Remove mpbiker in dlclist.xml

    It cause the game to crash in the latest version

  • Its not crashing thats the problem. My shaders and everything stopped working so i just want to revert to the last version.

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