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[MISC] No Police Helicopter

  • Hey guys, I've been trying myself for hours now but I can't seem to find the files responsible for spawning police helicopters. From what I understand, dispatch.meta and the wantedtuning.ymt (and vehicles.meta) files all won't affect the police choppers in-game. All I want is the Police Maverick disabled because it's annoying as hell.

    If someone has the time and knowledge could you help me out? The only mods available achieve this by modifying the dispatch file, which no longer works :(

    Request: to remove police helicopters (or stop them shooting at me) by any means possible (rpf editing, scripting etc).


  • @Zenarchist Should be in Simple Trainer under the name "No Police Helicopters"

  • @TobsiCred Thanks for taking the time to reply but if you'd read what I said, that mod no longer works. And I'm new to GTA modding so I had no idea which files to edit so yeah, it took me hours to work out I couldn't solve the problem on my own.

    @stillhere Thanks man I'll check that out.

    Edit: Thank you @stillhere! Simple Trainer does the trick. Finally I can run away from cops on foot without getting slaughtered by that fucking helicopter :D

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