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[HELP] How can I disable plane engine off in mid-air

  • Such a simple task, but so daunting in my inexperienced eyes - I want to disable the turning off the engine as you hold the brake button and replace it with just a really low engine idle - This is so because there's no reason that the engine should turn off midair unless there are rare circumstances that call for such! Please teach me how to do this in fivem be it by modding handling.meta or by any other means!

    Thanks for all who help!

  • Has anyone found an answer to this yet? I am facing the same issue.
    I saw in a FiveM server that they had solved it.

  • @Wetter42 @Sasino97
    Not sure if it (or any mod really) works after the most recent summer update or whether it can be used in FiveM etc, but Super Sonic (Higher Aircraft Speed/Altitude w/ Effects) has a 'ENGINE_NEVER_SHUTS_DOWN' option that can be enabled.
    You're unlikely to be able to do it without using a script of some sort, just so you know.

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