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Weird glitch appears outta for no reason...

  • So I have a menyoo map...It's an airport (built my own). At some moment everything seems okay till I step on a prop at the end of the runway (I'll show a photo later on), and the world starts having missing textures, most of them are missing textures of trees and kindly land bugging or glitching. By that, only trees and land glitch for no reason when I step on that prop. I don't why...I made a test to see what's making it happen. I simply deleted addon-props (custom props mod). When I stepped on that prop again, no bug, missing texture, glitch popped out that moment. Any solution for this? I can't delete addon-props cuz the airport has some props of it. I don't know how to fix it without deleting addon-props (custom-props).

    All images can be seen here, please check here:

  • @SwiftCriz I had to assume you were using this Custom Prop mod since you didn't specify and there's more than one when you search "custom prop" on the site. Here's what seems to be happening to you with that pink stuff you're seeing, looks like stuff in 3ds max with no textures applied. I just copied and pasted (did correct spelling) from the mod's description section, "Known BUG : basic collision type (mostly the stairs, ladder and veg bug, and supersportive can go through object, and only basic Fx displayed)".

  • @chonkie well but, no stair, ladder is on my map. Besides, I know the prop. The prop that is making this issue is the land_grass. I tried deleting all land_grass (flat one) and It didn't glitch again. I'll check on the veg bug as well...

  • @SwiftCriz It doesn't matter that you don't have ladders or stairs in your mod, the bug is across all of those things listed. I assumed the "veg bug" mentioned in the mod's comments was a vegetation bug, like with the trees and bushes that are showing up pink for you.

    It may be better off if you use a different prop mod if you need more props than what is already in the game. That mod is kind of old and it has known bugs, so use it at your own risk.

    I know it sucks to have to redo work, but try this one for more props ... https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder

  • @chonkie Sure thing! I'll try map-builder. Thanks for advice.

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