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How do I use mods with the new Rockstar Launcher?

  • Hello guys,

    I've been trying to figure out how to use addon vehicles with the new Rockstar Launcher. I'm adding them to the dlclist and also move the files into the folder they belong, but when I start the Rockstar Launcher it automatically overrites my dlclist thus I can't spawn the addon vehicles ingame. Is there any way to go around the auto update ? Or am I doing something wrong in generell ?


  • @kRYST4L Sounds like you aren't using a mods folder.

  • Indeed i do not, how do I create one ? And does it also contain the dlclist ? Because it would not change the fact that my dlclist gets overwritten .. :(

  • @kRYST4L Use OpenIV, have it create one for you, then you copy over the update folder (the one with the update.rpf and X64 folder) to your new mods folder. That will get the dlclist to your mods folder.


  • @chonkie ty for your reply. I did all that, the auto update is gone, but I still can not spawn any vehicle ingame. Does the game actually accept a mod folder automatically or do I have to do anything else to make it work?

  • @kRYST4L Yeah, you'll need to install a few more things. Click on that link in my previous post and read it.

  • I have a mods folder and it worked before the new launcher and since the new launcher and my mods no longer wrk.... not sure if the original guy got his problem fixed but i believe my problem is what he meant..

  • Hey if you still havin trouble just try a fresh new install of gtav n the mods completely.... it wrkd for me

  • @dfr3sh105 I have done that but Rockstar social club dose not work it says I must have rockstar launcher but if I use rockstar launcher Open IV will not work because even If I put the file location where the game is installed it says that file does not contain the gta5.ext file yet it does.

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