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CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFAC181B950), id 39

  • @shadow072002
    And if you rename "Dismemberment" into "dismemberment? Capital Letter.
    Oh, the "Dismemberment.ini" is not in your GTA directory. Forget the renaming.

    The map flickering could be "Online Interiors" Remove the 2 files from your game directory for test. You can keep the "mapfix".

    For TrainerV Error update your trainer: https://de.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    If you still get the error try to remove "trainerv.asi" and "trainerv.ini" and see what happens.

  • @Justme2000 nope didn't work im still getting the original error

  • @shadow072002 Considering you have so many mods that are either old or many people are having issues with, and have now probably messed up something else by trying unnecessary things, i would suggest you just start over on a clean game. Organize your mods based on how much you really want to use it. Then add one mod to your game and test it out thoroughly to make sure there are no issues. If all is ok, add the next mod and test it. If you add one and it causes issues, remove it and go to adding the next one.

  • @shadow072002
    That was for 3 different problems:

    Dismemberment was not working but now it should work.

    Got the map flickering from your screenshots too, till i removed online interiors.

    But for the openinterior.asi error and trainerv.asi that could be everything.

  • @Justme2000 @chonkie i found out what the problem was i guess open interiors conflicts with some cars in my dlclist idk why it conflicts with added on cars but it does but as for the trainer and map problem i have yet to figure that one out

  • @shadow072002 Thanks, that you sharing your solution.
    The map flickering came back, when i removed the mapfix. It can also be a texture in a wrong location from another addon. Or an old texture from an already deleted addon.
    If you decide to reinstall, i would test the car mod and open interiors to be sure.

    Btw. the open60cars.ini came from "Executive Business" as solo file. Maybe you don't need the open60cars.dll, i suggested.

  • @chonkie @Justme2000 apparently the error can also be triggered by clothing mods aswell because i just got done installing alot of clothing mods and i just got the error again and im not sure which clothing mod caused it

  • @shadow072002 Well quit installing a bunch of mods at one time if that's what you're doing. Install one, test it thoroughly in the game, then add another one if all is well. When you get to one that causes an issue, remove it and go on.

  • @shadow072002 How many items do you have added to your dlclist.xml?

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