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Fov Mod

  • Hello all, i was just wondering if anyone knows a link to Fov mod recent 2019. I tried several fov mods i searched online but all seems to be broken after the latest gta 5 update. The latest fov i used was https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-v-fov-v1-11 but it seems not updated. I also tried flawless widescreen but doesn't seem to work anymore either. Anyone know any good one? or can make one?

  • @dyna100
    Yesterday I was searching a mod to change the strange first person pose and ended in a thread with this version, too. (Good to know that it's not working)

    Haven't tried it now, but can you say me if this is the right one for that?
    But i guess it's only for first person weapon cam not the stance and walk animation.

  • @Justme2000 Yes my friend all these Fov mods seem to be broken and not updated by any of the makers. I think its for all for walk weapon and vehicle. I mainly need it for weapon and vehicle fov cam change without it, not worth to even play. Our only hope is someone makes a new one or the makers update their ones on gta mods website.

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