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[SCRIPT] Garage Mod

  • So, it seems i need a new Request. The SPG (Single Player Garage) Mod is okay, but it seem that the 60 extra Garages seems to be outdated. Everytime i´m getting into a building, I´m Flying straight down in a invisible Building. It seems that the Problem begun after the "Benny´s" update, so i refused to Script his tuning Garage because it seems to be the case that exactly THAT happens WITH the Benny´s Garage Script. Anyway, It seems that also SPG isn´t up to date anymore. If I get into a Garage to save a car and getting out, I´ve been Spawning at the Same Spot EVERY SINGLE TIME. So because it seems that the modders of both aren´t active anymore, i need someone with the knowledge to mod and update it, if Necessary. I would also pay a little bit, even tough i´m more than broke, depending on effort i would be willing to pay 5-10 Euros (Which is a little bit more in Dollar), at best through PayPal, obviously.

    What is needed? A Complete Garage Mod, which is funktional with "Open Interior". A Mod which looks like the Garages in MP, or even better. It shouldn´t concentrate only on LS, for me it would be great if those garages are also in Sandy Shores or Paleto Bay. Like in SPG it should creat a txt file in which the cars of specific buildings are listed so if there is a problem, you could easily erase the line and the car is gone.

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