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Is Modding GTAV the same as before?

  • So i havent played in a longtime and i had to download this launcher. So my question is do i go about modding single player the same way as before like making a folder for mods and putting in scripthook and lua, or are there new work arounds for the launcher? Do i need some kind of new tool to put mods in? Thanks

  • @Hellonwheels Very few mods work after the last update and a lot of modders gave up and moved on from the nightmare that Take2 has created, so many of the best mods haven't been updated in a long time. Likewise, the modders that created them haven't been around. So... No, and it won't ever be imho.

  • @PsiBurner that's totally unrelated though, modding is the same as before, most of mods work like they should, it's just up to authors if they want to work on them or just give up

  • @Hellonwheels Good luck getting older (archived) games to work offline. Don't know what they did but as of about a week ago a LOT of people can no longer get older versions of the game to load offline. I have terabytes of older game versions archived and even with a bypass launcher (which worked fine until last week) they no longer load because RockStar apparently now requires an active internet session regardless of what you're playing, whereas they used to let you play single player (Story mode) three, four or five times offline before requiring you to connect to their servers to 'verify' your game. Some claim they're still able to play older versions while others, like me, are just SOL. I can play the current game version with mods but older versions where you would disconnect from the internet to play them no longer load and instead displays a message telling you 'Activation Required' . So yeah, it's changed...

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