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Searching Bar on 5MODS

  • Searching for mods on the site is sometimes difficult for me. If you don't know the exactly order of the names, the search can't find it.
    If im searching in google or somewhere else, im getting a result with the same words. (for gta5-mods.co.m)

    For example:

    Improvements in Gore: "improvements" gives a result, but only "gore" leads to a different result.
    Open All Interiors: "Open" gives a result, "interior" too. But if im searching "open interior" it gives no result.

    Sometimes i was looking for a mod and later i see that such a mod exist, but the search bar was not able to find it with keywords.


    you can use Google search to serach 5Mods if that helps

  • @ReNNie i am not using google, but yes already doing this. I would search there too, even if i would find more on 5mods. That's not the problem. It is just a constructive critic.

    If it's not possible to improve this, then i can understand it.


    We hope to review the search system again soon, and hopefully fix some niggling bugs/issues with it.

  • @Dark0ne That's nice to hear, thanks. :)

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