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Is it possible to create a custom scenario in game?

  • Hello, I want to create a scenario where there are a group of people guarding something (Such as the construction site on the map).
    The player can attack it and the NPCs will defend the building no matter what. While they won’t shoot each other.
    Is that possible?

  • use map editor


    use code walker

  • Menyoo or Map Editor for building your set and Menyoo or 'Build-A-Mission' (I don't like Mission Maker) to set up peds with tasks. You can make 'attacking peds' with Simple Trainer, but they do so immediately which is a pain if you're trying to set something up. Tough part about setting up peds for a scene is getting their proximity for aggro right and how long they'll do an action. Menyoo and BAM are good for that, but it will take you some time and effort to learn how to get it where you want it. Save yourself some hair pulling and keep it simple. The more complex you try to make your ped's actions the more it won't work the way you want!

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