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AI car passes through wall. Any suspect?

  • I see that sometimes the AI cars literally 'pass through' the wall or obstacle (like Casino sign at parking lot or automatic gate door at airport.. etc) during a mission.

    I believe I get to have that glitch pretty recently; I mean I didn't see that at all when I once had completed all the story missions.

    Any suspected mod to uninstall, or how can I fix it?


  • @FelixSG Instead of having people make wild guesses, it would be helpful to know what mods you have installed.

  • @chonkie I actually omitted the list of my mods because I'm using too many. Are you okay with that many mods list?

  • @FelixSG Post size makes no difference to me.

  • @chonkie Sorry for my late reply. Let me list just the mods I got installed by OpenIV because I have too many scripts mods to list here.

    All here are its newest version, no exception, of course with all their own requirements.

    1. FTFR (Fine-Tuned Felony Response)
    2. Gangs of Los Santos - both turf & ped
    3. Dilapidated's gameconfig.xml
    4. Dilapidated's heap adjuster (1024MB)
    5. Colored 3D Weapon + Radio Icons 9.0
    6. Improved train
    7. Realistic Weather
    8. Realism Enhanced Control System
    9. Realistic Top speed and acceleration (all vehicles)
    10. Bus simulator
    11. Scenario groups
    12. realistic top speed

    I hope this list would be helpful. :D

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