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Rockstar Editor Bug (PLS HELP!)

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with rockstar editor i use Menyoo to make scenes and when i'm recording my peds are right and nothing wrong happens but when i'm in Rockstar Editor this happens (image):


    On the torso of players is like a t-shirt or something weird and idk how to fix it. (IT'S NOT THE TWIN MODELS ISSUE)

    Models i used: free model male and free model female (Models from GTAO)

  • Did you ever find a workaround? I am experiencing the same problem

  • @Rouxo-Crocs this part of clothes that is some kind of top underwear is model called 'jbib_diff...' I don't know why it appear there but to fix this you can probably change all ytd files of jbib clothes for these peds and put there just transparent textures, it may help for your actualy recorded scene at least

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