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Hey, can I get some help converting a replace Police Car?

  • Hey, so I need some help. I'm trying to convert the 1999 Ford Crown Victoria LAPD by Smokey8808 to an addon. It sorta works. However, most of the time the roof lightbar doesn't show up (it's actually an extra, but I want the car to spawn with it by default). Also, the sirens don't work. When I honk it just honks like a normal car and sirens can't be turned on. Trying to use it with dispatch.meta and it kinda works, just can't get cars to spawn with the lightbar and can't get the sirens to work.

    I converted the addon using the Add-On Base by B-Milan.

    Here's the dlcpack folder with my dlc.rpf inside. Can someone take a look at it and make changes for me? I don't know how to get the sirens to work nor how to make the lightbar spawn by default, especially when cops use the vehicle. The original mod replaced the model "POLICE", which was the police Stanier. I also tried getting the "police" section of the "lights" section of the carcols.ymt file from the game files, that didn't do anything.

    By the way I don't intend on posting this to the mod site, this is just for personal use.

  • Anyone?

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