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Custom License plate question

  • I am creating another U-haul van off the Chevy Express and I want to possibly assign it to a Arizona license plate by downloading one , and my question is can it be done without it affecting all the vehicles in the game except the one I want to assign it to?

  • @jgordonisone for sure yes, there is lot of models using for example German plates. You can make it as permanent part of vehicle or as an extra. Didn't do this yet myself but I'm sure textures of it have to be in .ytd file of that vehicle and .yft file have to be set up to use these textures instead of that one from vehshare



    and yet again @ArmaniAdnr has it entirely wrong :/

    yes, you can download any Arizona addon plate and make it work without it affecting all the vehicles in te game

    add the texture to vehshare.ytd in the x64e.rpf and the corresponding plate name to carcols.meta in update.rpf
    your U-haul vehicle, via carvariations.meta, then needs only that specific plate name in the plateprobabilties entry with 100% chance

    so no need at all to have it as an extra and/or edit the vehicle yft

  • @ReNNie oh sorry then :grimacing: but there are aswell mods using custom plates without that addon plate mod, some of them as permanent some of them as extra. So isn't that what I wrote aswell option to make it on single one vehicle or how they do it on that models?
    Just asking to learn a bit :rolling_eyes: :pray_tone3:

  • Thx guys I got it working. Only problem is that OpenIV would not take the edditable carcaols file I downloaded for some reason so I instead just replaced the North Yankton plate and set the Speedo to show that plate.

    Anyways here is how the plate and Uhaul van looks, I am going to upload it this weekend once I finish tweaking the template.

    alt text
    alt text

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