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Having a problem with mods on the new scripthookV

  • Just installed the new scripthookV, also update the data for the mods to work, launched the game using openIV, loaded to the menu where you select " Quit-Settings-Adv.blah blah- GTA V Online-Story Mode" I select " Story Mode" and then it loads for about 15 seconds and then I get an error message pop up saying " Corrupt game data, please reboot, verify game files or reinstall the game......." this never happened before the new update, when I installed other mods and was testing them along the way.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • What when you load the game without mods folder? (Rename mods folder into something other)

  • Nah this is happening trying to launch the mods folder, I have checked that both ASI's are installed via openIV, I want to play the story mode with the mods.

  • You have to replace update.rpf in the mods folder with the new one (root/update/update.rpf) and then reinstall all mods which were installed inside mods/update/update.rpf.
    (But even then it's not sure if it works). You can easily play the game with all mods which are installed into the root directory, scripts folder or lua scripts.

  • Yeah everythings has been updated in order to work, copied over the whole of the update folder to the mods folder to replace the old update.rpf and so on and then reinstalled all the mods from scratch but it just keeps coming up with that error, think I may just give up with it lol.

    Also I still have the old scripthookVDotNet installed? Could that be the issue?

  • @UKBanger421 Mhh, I don't think scripthookVDotNet is the issue. Sometimes the mods which are installed into the update.rpf archive needs an update too. See VisualV per example. So, play the game only with mods that aren't installed into update.rpf and wait till they are updated.
    Another way would be to install the mods inside update.rpf one by one and start the game everytime afterwards to see if the mod is running or not.

  • @UKBanger421 sometimes I get a corrupt game data message when openIV is open while launching the game.

    Also, I get that error when I dont launch the game from the root directory using Playgtav.exe

    Are you sure ALL of your mods are in the mods folder? An accedental install into the main files (files that dont say "encrypted" after them) even when they are returned to there stock values can cause that error. All main game files must be "compressed;encrypted"

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