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Native Trainer no longer working?

  • So after updating to the latest Native Trainer and Community Script Hook, its not working anymore for me.

    I press F4, the trainer opens as normal and on top of that another screen opens (some community script hook2 help/info screen asking to input a command) and that's it, I can only open and close it and that's about it.

    ...Um... What?!


    Open the ini that came with the new scripthookvdotnet and set menu to Delete and reload to insert

    Or any other key than F4

  • @ReNNie

    I think this post NEEDS to be purged. Or kept as a reminder...

    For two weeks... TWO WEEKS! I had my NUM LOCK off so obviously I couldn't use it..........................

    Just recently, I wondered why my radio wasn't working... I had it disabled in the trainer when I was running tests.....

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