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Can I use RagePluginHook with ENB?

  • I tried run ENB with RPH.
    but don't start GTAV and crash RPH.

    I deleted my enb file and run RPH.
    This is a success loading.

    Why I can't use enb?
    Do you have any idea?

  • @sokula
    enb and rph are not compatible to each other. there is no fix, unless someone with more knowlege post something here

  • @MaxLuk Thanks for response.
    I thought it was ok because it was available in previous versions.
    I will wait for more information.

  • ragepluginhook isnt compatible with the new enb 0.387, you must use an older version. I use 0.275 perfectly fine. it might crash the first time but just load it up again and walah.

  • This is how i got it fixed:

    1. Open GtaV (without rage)
    2. Wait for the left upper corner the ENB tab is gone
    3. Then go open rage

    (Here is also a vid:

    watch carefully)

    I would suggest putting a rage in a folder that you have opend because you can’t always go back to the desktop while GtaV is open

  • @Gerbooo2 You can always get back to your desktop in GTA5 either with your windows key or my computer and navigate to your user account and select the folder called desktop.

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