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Can I use RagePluginHook with ENB?

  • I tried run ENB with RPH.
    but don't start GTAV and crash RPH.

    I deleted my enb file and run RPH.
    This is a success loading.

    Why I can't use enb?
    Do you have any idea?

  • @sokula
    enb and rph are not compatible to each other. there is no fix, unless someone with more knowlege post something here

  • @MaxLuk Thanks for response.
    I thought it was ok because it was available in previous versions.
    I will wait for more information.

  • ragepluginhook isnt compatible with the new enb 0.387, you must use an older version. I use 0.275 perfectly fine. it might crash the first time but just load it up again and walah.

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