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Remove Camera Auto Centre

  • Surely this would be an easy mod.

    I like to choose my camera angle to play the game, but the auto centre function doesn't allow me to do this.

    It's a game breaker for me. I HATE the "perfectly behind" camera angle, as you can't take in any of the city. I like to choose my own fixed camera angle. But it only lasts about 3 seconds before the camera resets to the centre. So frustrating.
    RDR2 had an option to disable auto centre, and it made such a difference to the game!!

    Can we have a mod to disable camera auto centre?


  • Oh sh*t!!! If this actually does what I'm hoping, then this could change the game completely for me!!! Thanks bro!!

  • @ReNNie This mod doesnt work correctly when using the gamepad :(
    I can get the extra camera options to load up, and I can select 3rd person auto-center to OFF, but still auto centers when driving. Gutted!!
    Are there any others out there that disables the 3rd person auto-center when using a game pad?



    ahhh too bad, no not that I know of

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