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Cars spawning with damage & dirt

  • Hey guys, I was wondering is there any way of making the cars that appear in traffic damaged and worn out? I'm trying to make Los Santos more gritty & in bad shape, and it would really add to the grittiness if cars in traffic were in bad condition.

  • Idk but I like this. I suggest to trace the way in which dirt is applied. If it's some kind of vehicle component it should be easy. I'm afraid it might be it's own value though, and probably need some scriptmod to alter behaviour for traffic spawn.

  • @Alaannnn maybe with this script you may be able to do dirt but only if raining (if you are making some kind of appocalyptic map or anything like that where the weather is always bad, maybe it would be usable for you). If you replace rain textures with vanilla dirt textures it may work :shrug_tone3:

  • @Alaannnn Not exactly what you're asking for, but here is an addon pack of 4 worn down cars. Still hoping he adds more to the pack. Should be able to have them spawn into normal traffic and car gens. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/scrap-cars-add-on

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