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Story missions character stucks when using scripts

  • Hello Guys,
    I would like to ask, has anyone problems with the following: story missions are getting bugged, that way, the teammates you go with, simply freezed. e.g.: the mission with franklin,lamar, and stretch, lamar just stop and freeze in the building, so I cannot finish the mission. Other one today: michael and jimmy's cycle mission: when you rent the bike, jimmy freezes and doesn't go anywhere. other one: lifeinvader mission, programmer guy freezes when you should follow him. When I remove my scripts folder, the problem vanishes, but I want to use my scripts. Anyone with similar problems, knowing a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance. used scripts: enhanced nat.trainer, livelyworld+wov, betterchases, parkourV,stolen,singleplayerapartment,street racing,disarm, afterhoursSP, premiumdeluxe motorsport shop, random online events. used randomattackings too, deleted that, I thought that will be the problem, since it's active even when you are in mission, but no, lifeinvader stuck came after I deleted that script...
    other stuff I use, maybe these can be problems too: (cuz of world of variety)
    csceneriopoint patch
    heap adjuster
    weaponinfoblub adjuster
    packfilelimit adjuster
    gameconfig4.0 diamond casino DLC story mode fixes

  • @spleenszuru
    It is good that you already found out, that it has something to do with your script folder. Look for the mods you recently installed. Could be "Online Random Events" or "Lively World", but it's just a guess.

    Edit: Have a look at the Lively World comments section.

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