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Can I have a modded game on one HDD and a non-modded game on another HDD and play Online without ban?

  • Hi!
    Can I have a modded gta 5 on one HDD and have a non-modded gta 5 on another HDD?
    And can I play Online without a risk of getting banned?

  • As long as you don't modify the one you use to access gta online you will be fine.

  • @TRDOffroad97 Yes it is what I wanted to do, I think:smile:

    Look I have a cracked gta 5 just for the mods on disc C and now I want to install a clean version of the official gta 5 on disc D just to play Online.
    If I do it this way, can I play GTA Online from disc D without getting banned? Will I get a ban because of the mods on disc C?

    I wanted to know if I can keep both games. Because every time I want to play Online I delete the modded game and then Install the official one, I'm tired of doing that

  • First don't pirate the game (I'm pretty sure this forum does not support piracy of "cracked versions" ). Second yes theoretically by having a version with mods and a separate unmodded version, R* will not ban you as long as you pay attention and go online with the vanilla legally acquired version on disc D. (Please ensure both versions are not cracked.)

    Assuming the launcher plays nice You can keep both games (I'd keep a backup of both just in case) and switch between them whether you are in the mood for modding single player or want to play GTA Online as long as you double check to ensure you are in the right one before you launch GTAO and don't have any other ASI's a script folder, mods folder or trainers in that directory.

    Does this answer your question?

  • @TRDOffroad97 Yes it answers my question. Thank you for your help.
    But I'm still worried because you said "theoretically" I can play. But does anyone already did that?

  • @The_Chechen_ Why not just use the legit copy of gta 5 and use OpenIV's mods folder. Much easier and safer if you don't know how to switch between the two copies safely.

    With the method I mentioned, you only need to change dinput8.dll to something like 1dinput8.dll and mods will not load and it's safe to go online. Change that file's name back when you want to play modded.

  • @chonkie So you play with this method and you are telling me that it is safe? And how long do you use this method?

  • @The_Chechen_ Yes it's safe, I've used this method since starting modding.

  • @The_Chechen_ By Theoretically I'm saying that you will not be banned. Sorry about the confusion.

  • @TRDOffroad97 and @chonkie thank you for your answers . But @chonkie as I already have my "modded" version installed, I will just install the "legit" version on disc D and play like this and switch between the two versions.

  • yas, I have 2 install of my gta v, just copy your steam version of gta and change folder say backup, than your copy version become gta folder, than it can install mods, if you want to play online just change folder of mods version to backup and change backup original one to gta folder, just vise versa.

  • @chonkie but take care, even when you donthis method, game keep using some files as enb. Game recognize them and notify you to dont play with mods but I was playing using this method like 3 hours online and no ban. Since it dont load mods folder, you should dont get ban. Only problem was using enb without other mods.made my game such brightness that I had sometimes problem to play :grin:

  • Why do I have to buy a new hard drive?

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