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Automation into gta 5?

  • Hello, so I'm completely new to the modding scene. However I'm thinking about learning to use Zmodeler3. My question is, can i import models from other games into zmodeler to make em into a GTA V mod? For example I created some cars in Automation The car company Tycoon. If I extract the model from the game can I convert it into GTAV?! example of my work

  • Ey, this looks pretty cool. Never heard of Automation.
    If you can export the models into Blender or 3DS (as .obj for example), you should be able to use the remaining necessary steps to import and export out of Zmodeler. That's just my opinion though. I'll let someone more versed in Z tell you their opinion.
    While you wait for that person, give a little insight as to how you plan to get the models out of the game and which file formats you can do.
    Nice find, I hope it works out. If so this opens up a lot of possibilities for more lore friendly vehicles in the future .


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