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[WIP] Full Franklin replace to custom female

  • Im working on a mod that replace full Franklin model (including outfits, clothes,ambiant voices),so this mod will replace franklin meshs and texture files,audio files and include a .asi file (c++), however i dont know which skin colour i will use for this character, so if you are concerned about this project tell me which skin colour do you want.0_1571991473552_20191025101149_1.jpg 0_1571991499191_20191025101022_1.jpg 0_1571991506208_20191025101113_1.jpg0_1571992296975_20191025103004_1.jpg
    this mod is based on my vagos stremeaped but i made lots of improvment in textures, and i use a better body base, i also edit original female vagos face. Heels system works using a .asi file. i just need help because i want an easy way to replace Franklin files.I also manage to make custom missions for this model.

  • @thebegin10 Looking good. How'd that skin I worked on work out?

  • Brilliant works!!! I'm wondering its that possible to make a replacement for Tracey DeSanta, with full custom.

  • @IUaena For Tracey i already made more outfit for her in the past, however i reused "ig_traceydisanto" instead of "cs_traceydisanto" ped (because cs peds contains better textures/meshs).

  • @PsiBurner Textures you sent me work well, i just change my plans about short hairs, so i re-edit her head texture to bald =)

  • @thebegin10 Right on. Let me know if you need a hand with anything, I'll be glad to help

  • Great work!!!!!

  • Now im trying to find a way to use this female character as "player_one" without replacing franklin mesh models, (im working on a dlcpack that contains this female model but this dlc pack allow to load this female model instead of Franklin model).

  • Unfortunately: The only way is to replace Franklin meshs=/, so users need to backup some files before using this mod.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1572557929195_11.jpg 0_1572557935498_22.jpg

  • 0_1572557983779_44.jpg 0_1572557990491_55.jpg

  • 0_1572558025787_33.jpg
    As you can see im converting outfits/clothes to this new body, im working on heels/"overall" outfits/hairs for now. My next work after converting all clothes is to sort all outfits to "match" with actual Franklin clothes category( for example i will replace Franklin triathlon outfit, with a female triathlon outfit, ps:this also need some coding).

  • @thebegin10 This is the jumpsuit we need for the Ripley model. It's perfect0_1572634133373_959fd01b-1a3a-4944-837c-eaf9d6d190b5.webp

  • @PsiBurner Yes, this just need some body shape changes, because this character(in picture) is skinny(we can also reuse original mp model directly with some changes).This also need some textures and maybe some other details.

  • 0_1572709757105_1.jpg 0_1572709769222_2.jpg

  • 0_1572709794530_3.jpg 0_1572709803201_4.jpg

  • 0_1572743656084_15.jpg

  • Banned

    beautiful. but very thin. There is no ass or boobs(

  • @MaxGiffer Yes this is a very thin body, i have required skills to make a more "curvy" model with physics and everything, but this character is thin, this is a choice.

  • If someone is interested in this mod, can you tell me which skin colour do you want for this character.(black,tanned or pale)
    ps: skin is tanned on pictures.

  • plans: -finish clothes.
    -finish audio files.
    -create alternative tanned skins.
    - finish script that include shops/tanning/clipsets...

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  • This post is deleted!

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