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Modifying SP off-road race scripts to allow excluded vehicles?

  • The Single Player off-road races for Franklin are weird. They are scripted to only allow certain off-road vehicles before the lowriders update (where all vehicles after that update are unattainable in SP without mods) . When you attempt to use a post lowrider update off-road/suv vehicle, you are automatically placed in the the default (switch statement?)

    Strangely you can use some dlc vehicles like the Coil Brawler, Dubsta 6x6 and even the dubsta2 in these races.

    My question is where would these scripts located and can they be manipulated to allow you to drive other vehicles in these race like the trophy truck from Cunning Stunts without it referring to the default vehicle?

  • You can't

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Ok thanks guess i'll use some script instead

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