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Simple question. HD textures & world LOD.

  • Whenever I install (not all at once)...
    "HD deaert modification"
    "4k trees pack"
    "HD texture Overhaul"
    "RDE enhanced"

    The ground textures load slowly & flicker. FPS is steady in the low 50's though...

    Why is that?

    I have i7-4720 / 4gb 980m / 250gb 840evo ssd / disc version.

  • @Weirdoutworld There are +hi and regular ytd files. Some of them may not share the same texture, do your textures slowly change?

  • @aidenpatrickPGH with the HD ground mods in, yes. They look terrible, like looking at the distant hills from top of chiliad with a sniper. Then they flicker a little then load the HD version. Spinning the camera reatarts this process.

    But FPS stays good?! I dont really understand.

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