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Dirt layer bug, when i make a template of a car.

  • Hi ! When i create a new template for a original car of GTA 5, the dirt layer do something strange and i don't find the solution :confused:

    alt text

    Can U help me please ?

  • @MDawson
    Hmmm? Never seen that before. Looks like it's tiling an image across the whole car.

    If you upload the image or a few of the images you are having problems with to a file host site like https://uploadfiles.io/ (any other site will do) I can download them & have a look at them if you want? I'm no expert but I know my way around Photoshop pretty well.

    Out of interest, what software are you using to create the texture/s & what format (.png/.dds etc) are you exporting to/saving them as?


    that is an issue with the UV mapping of the car itelf, can only be fixed using zmod3

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