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How to keep weather and particle effects out of modded map interiors?

  • Hey, anyone got any info on how to keep weather, particles and exterior sound effects out of modded map interiors? It would be nice to use modded buildings during 'bad weather' and not have those random floating particles along with exterior audio when inside. All info is appreciated!

  • Make proper interior (MLO) rather than using menyoo and map editor

  • @HeySlickThatsMe And thanks for the standard internet short answer that says nothing. Next time, try explaining what an 'MLO' is? What software is required to make an 'MLO'? Why an 'MLO' 'is a proper interior' vice using MY and ME trainers? So on and so forth instead of 'Make proper interior (MLO) rather than using menyoo and map editor'. Giving a 'one sentence answer' for an obviously detailed question is of no assistance. This isn't 'Twitter'. I won't get bent if you actually go into reasonable detail....

  • @iammistahwolf Here is a great site for info on Mlo interiors. There are also newer videos on YouTube by Dekurwinator that I don't think are on his site yet.


    Mlo are how Rockstar makes actual interiors. Menyoo and Map Editor made "interior" mods are just props placed outside, regardless of them forming what looks like a building/interior. That's why they aren't really interiors.

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