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This kid charging money for people to use L4D models

  • SO i was scrolling through the player mods and i stumbled across this https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/left4dead-louis-add-on-ped and i saw that this kid was letting people use HIS other Left 4 dead models may i repeat... HIS left 4 dead models (that valve totally doesn't own). only if they paid him money over patreon.

    So go give jr59 money over patreon so you can use valves assets in gta5 guys! :)

  • @420x420 it's perfectly allowed i mean you're paying for his time, just depends on your perspective of it

  • @420x420 I think it might be allowed because he made the models himself. But I dont know much about copyright.

  • @bur587 let's be honest the whole things illegal, ripping the vehicle models, over 99% of models on this site are ripped from games

  • @Frazzlee @bur587 Yeah i get that he had to use his time and convert it and rig it and all that stuff but a lot of other people do that to and they put a lot more work into them and they even up the quality of the model and add new features to it weather it be better textures maybe some sort of item but this guy just took the models from l4d rigged them and what have you then uploaded one on here and locked the others away only for people who are giving him money. I'd understand if this was some big mod that changed a lot of stuff but its not its simply a couple character models man. and he didn't make the models himself valve did as i said he only converted and rigged them.

  • Most People are ignorant on here, they'll either pay and get ripped off or they won't care about people like jr59, so long as they see a donkey fly. I say let em, Fuck em, and maybe one day all mods will have a price tag on them and ya'll be crying saying you can't afford them.

  • @Virus-T1000 Good for you? also no one is crying because they cant afford JR's 10 dollar price tag.

  • @Frazzlee @bur587 @420x420
    Yes, it probably is illegal. However, if the models were ripped/downloaded for free (as in the modder used no money to purchase the model) to convert them to GTA V, people should not have to pay for them. I mean, it's okay to ask for a DONATION towards their time and rigging but putting a mod behind a paywall selling it? Get outta here.
    If you are going to sell mods behind a patreon paywall in the name of "I need money to pay for the zmod license and my time" then using that logic, every mod on here should be for sale because "I need money to pay for my electricity bill, my time creating the thing, my netflix subscription and food so I can make more mods for you to purchase".

    If anyone should be charging for mods, it should be scripter JulioNIB. Who creates scripts from scratch. They aren't downloaded from a site then converted.

  • Yeah there was already a thing on the forum about this.
    a lot of moders are asking money for there mods. Lmao
    The models are not even made by them.
    the only thing they did is a convert from about 20 minutes max.

    I do not say they are ugly or what else.
    because there are some great mods out there but asking money for something you did not even make lmao.

    I made a add-on weapon base i spend 3 months on it. Prove is on the site commend you can read and click the imgur link there.

    I do not ask money and no payments.
    the only thing i want is to give me some credits lolololol.
    But indeed this should not be allowed on the website.

  • @bur587 he did not make it himself. desacription is where he downloaded from.,

    someone should message the author and send him links so he can see people are selling author stuff

  • @yeahhmonkey Totally right there mate. I love your add-on weapon base by the way.

  • @Spud Thank you so much :D
    Feel free to use it :D

  • Finally some people with common sense who aren't trying to defend the guy. But yeah i agree someone should message 3dregenerator and tell him about this its not acceptable for mods to be locked behind a paywall when the person who is locking it behind said paywill did nothing to create that mod except spend a few minutes converting it and what not when the guy who actually ripped it from l4d was sharing it to people for free.

  • @420x420 Exactly. These greedy mf

  • @420x420 How easy is the process of converting peds?

  • @bur587 Im not sure i've never done it but on the page of the peds jr69 converted it says they were already rigged so he didn't even have to rig he just had to convert it int oa format that gta would be able to read

  • @420x420 Thats really cheap of him, must be the same thing on his stupid patreon also...

  • @bur587

    He claim himself that he block his own patreon supporter due to model sharing bullocks , all I can say that this guy is shady as fuck and don't give him $10.00.

  • there are people however that made kits for cars, like vans whose SV kit is VIP, and I respect that because who doesn't want to make money from a hobby, it's already illegal ripping the models from the game so it's not like selling them is gonna make it more illegal... Many people sell VIP mods and the best I've seen are VIP, not 25k Poly Converts from SA which is as @yeahhmonkey said 20 minutes of work if you know what you're doing. It's perfectly fine putting them behind a pay wall if you wish...

  • @Frazzlee I'm going to sell your mod, timecycle and anything else you do for Gta and not even mention you. How would you feel? Obviously you'd be pissed off, right? someone making money which you spent hours on. Thats basically what your saying ^^ and allowing me and others to do, so just think about what your saying!!
    A hobby has never been about money and 99% of doing a hobby is you'd be paying for it and not the other way around.
    Kits are meaningless, most mods need door sills and trunks ect and it's the converters choice to create that but not make money from it as again, it's like me taking your timecycle and changing one value and selling it.
    VIP? don't make me laugh, the best mods i've seen are totally free and i've been in this Hobby for over 15 years but the VIP bullshit is exactly that bullshit.
    I do however agree on one point, it is illegal ripping models from one game to another, but!.. the game developers do not mind this at all, infact they know it's going to happen but if you start to sell these models then they will rain shit onto us, even those who don't sell mods and it'll be the end of modding. Zmodeler will be no more, this place and many other GTA sites will be shut down, games with 20 billion encryption protection like forza 3.

    If you support paying for mods you'll destroy modding itself. Keep it fun keep it free!

  • @Virus-T1000 Those who do free mods will never come back in the mods scene. And people will complain because GTA community became a total waste. And the first who's going to get insulted are those that were there before and made their best to bring the community some mods.

    Keep stealing, keep making money from it, keep making a shitstrom, keep your angry kids fanbois that dont understand what's mods, and how a community work.

    Just keep in mind, that your nickname, and your name (aint it, josh romito ?) will be remembered as a**hole by everyone that know how a jerk you are.

  • @Frazzlee said in This kid charging money for people to use L4D models:

    I respect that because who doesn't want to make money from a hobby...

    Puts hand up - me! I have never worked for money's sake, never mind doing a hobby for it.

    According to the dictionary: Hobby: noun, an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

    I would never ask for money for something I choose to do for pleasure. The minute you earn an income from a hobby, it stops being a hobby, as the taxman would no doubt confirm. Which begs the other question, how much of this money are these people declaring as earnings/income?

    So to clarify another part of your statement "so it's not like selling them is gonna make it more illegal"... it most definitely is, if you hide that from the tax collectors. Let me just quote from the pages of the IRS website. Important words highlighted...

    "Is it a Business or a Hobby? A key feature of a business is that you do it to make a profit. You often engage in a hobby for sport or recreation, not to make a profit."

    More info here: https://www.irs.gov/uac/newsroom/five-basic-tax-tips-about-hobbies

  • @Virus-T1000 but if it's a game company they don't really care otherwise they would've put more encryption... I'm more than 100% sure if Turn 10 gave that much of a shit about models being ripped they could just use different encryption method..

  • @Frazzlee Turn 10 "dont care" because first, their models are very nice, which make them a very nice ads for their games. And about encryption methode, people would still find a way to extract it.

    And yes, a hobbie is a pleasure time. So, asking for money while you do it for pleasure, it's a no no. It's like playing tennis for fun, and asking people to pay to play with them, because why not so ?

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