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Re AI pathing the entirety of San Andreas

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    Via a complex system I have refined to re-node path the entierty of San Andreas, starting at the bottom with Los Santos, I am producing a mod that is going to be a game changer. For years we've all played gta V amongst pensioners on the roads... 30 MPH on a freeway, 20 MPH on all of Downtown... disgusting.

    I've hated it. You've hated it, and so have enough people that there are countless topics, attempts at speeding AI drivers up with 3 seperate speed mods now released, and more fruitless attempts.

    I have now produced a repathed map, in a work in progress state. Though I'm not going to explain the exact method I am working with to create amazingly smooth brakes, real life variety of acceleration, extreme tight turns, traction variables based on driver status (Poor, Rich, Bum, Etc), I will need the communities help in one aspect of my release either tomorrow or Saturday...

    Please, do continue reading if you produce graphics or edit images. I need your help. San Andreas needs YOU.

    The task of replacing 74,000 pathing nodes (in reality only half will need editoral pathing, though the full amount will require re-flagging) is a very difficult task, and it is very slow. I plan to release this mod as a series of updates each covering areas (known as node area IDs), in packages. This will allow people to play a blend of my CPU-intensive, extremely intelligent AI, that will then return to R*'s design at a streets change notice.

    To illustrate my mod's purpose to the masses, lol, I need a constantly updated graphic showing the most possible roads (Not streets, but large roads such as freeways, ramps, bridges, tunnels, but NOT small roads). This image would be easily updated by either me or yourself to show which area I have worked hard on (get burning wrists from doing this node placement) has been updated and covered in 'todays' update.

    For example, you could find a HD map of GTA V and break it down with a wirefram effect (For simplicity) and then layer the "covered" areas with orange or blue or whatever.

    Please do get in touch. As for me... I'm back to CodeWalker. Thank you @DexyFex

  • @eleventwentytooo Find me on discord, and friend me so we can talk. User - eshenk

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    bump to this, come on gang lets solve some shit...

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