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Game Always Starts Michael's House

  • I am running the most recent version of GTA V. As for the MODs that I am running they include:

    • Simple Trainer V
    • Open All Interiors
    • Simple Fuel Mod
    • Realistic Street Map
    • Flatbed Town Truck

    As of right now those are the only MODs that I am running with the game and I am running the most up-to-date versions available for each mod.

    My problem is that when I load the game it automatically starts me in Michael's mansion house. Every time. When I use the Trainer too make my PED look different and everything and save the game at X location on the map then go back later to play the game it loads up at X location, as said ped, but then glitches out and magically makes me Michael back at his house. And if I try and load a saved game, it does the same thing. Any help is appreciated.

    I have tried removing the OpenAllInteriors files and re-loading the game but I have the same problem.

  • This is quite normal, you can't save as other peds than story characters


    Or try Last Location script, it saves your latest position, ped (even Add-On) and stats such as money and weapons

  • Alright. Thank you. And thanks ReNNie, I will try that.

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