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Adding ped & vehicle models to dispatch.meta

  • HI guys,
    Got a wave of motivation and decided to upgrade my gameplay mod with secret service agents and crap for Wanted level 5.
    Much to my dismay almost none of the stuff I added will spawn. I got police4 vehicle working, but only with the regular cop model.
    Even S_F_Y_Cop_01 won't spawn despite me adding her everywhere that S_M_Y_Cop already was.

    I tried adding entries to the PedVariations section for the new models, didn't work.
    I tried setting their personality to police in peds.ymt, also didn't work.
    I can't even figure it out from looking at other dispatch mods files smh :s

    Can anyone share with me the secret of how to get any ped model to spawn in dispatch as cop?
    Will happily give credit on mod page (Natural realism gameplay)



    you've also added the ped name as a driver name to the vehicle model?
    not sure if that even does anything as dispatch.meta dictates the model to spawn, i dunno

  • Which file would that be, my dude?
    Everything seems in order in the dispatch.meta, the peds are added as PedModel or whatever the directive is in dispatch.


    vehicles.meta also has a driver entry for ped

    maybe something else is off in your dispatch.meta formatting, I have no problem running custom peds in add-on police vehicles myself

  • Aha, might be worth a try then. But then if you haven't done it, idk why I would.
    Would you take a little look? :D https://www.darkloot.com/web/dispatch.meta

    There's only 2 new entries and they just won't dispatch/spawn - FBI_CAR and FBI_ROAD_BLOCK_CARS


    @VoxR at first glance file seems okay, it's been 2 yrs since I last edited my own dispatch.meta

    then again, I never added additional groups, just edited the models and peds used and made changes to the dispatch levels at which roadblocks become active

  • @ReNNie I thought of that but other dispatch mods have new groups aswell :( will just have to investigate harder i guess, thanks anyways man


    @VoxR wanted to help, created an additional category with a single vehicle (the Vice City Cheetah from Voit), but it didn't show up whatever what dispatch level it was added to or what ped combo was chosen

    Then realized I had popping in buildings and LOD loss.because of some other issue so left it for now, I'll try again soon

  • Aw thanks for trying man and helpful to know it's not my formatting!!

    Btw I had terrible performance for a while turned out to be this same mod of my own, where i had set police ideal spawn distance too high. I speculate that they were causing loading of resources where they were spawned, but idrk why.

  • @VoxR
    Bit late to the party but are you still having problems with this?

    I only did it quickly but I took your 'dispatch.meta' & threw it into my game & it looks to me like like everything is spawning. Take a look at the pics & see? (I'm not sure exactly who should be spawning etc but you'll know what you are looking for).
    Note: I also edited your dispatch slightly after that & added the peds you appeared to be having problems with to just about every dispatch vehicle I could find so if you see anything weird/peds in wrong vehicle etc, that'll be why :thumbsup: I also got female cops spawning although they're not in the pics.

    Dispatch 01

    Dispatch 02

    Dispatch 03

    Dispatch 04

    Not sure what could be causing it in your game if you're still having issues but the first place I would look is 'peds.ymt'.

    Here's my 'peds.ymt' for you to compare to yours & see if anything pops out at ya.

    I'm also using Dispatch Ghost Fix that may or may not have something to do with it. Worth checking out in your game also, to see if it makes a difference :thumbsup:

    Hope something there^ helps anyway. Let me know how you get on :thumbsup:

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