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[Help] Getting RID of high-altitude clouds;

  • Hey guys! I'm trying to remove the clouds that appear out of nowhere when flying within the game; I'd like to look directly AT the ground and not get visually cockblocked by those shitty clouds that appear literally out of the fucking ground out of nowhere when you get to a certain altitude! I'd rather have no clouds at all then having those little shitters - Is it possible to remove em?

    If anyone doesn't know WHAT I'm talking about, check here:

    With regards,


    most trainers have the option to disable clouds

  • @Wetter42
    You can definitely remove them by editing 'clouds.xml' :thumbsup:

    Usually here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\common.rpf\data\clouds.xml

    Note: Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to make sure you don't also have one in 'update.rpf' that will be overriding that one in 'common.rpf'.

    Once you find the correct file loaded by the game, edit it & remove all the blocks of data with 'altitude' in the '<mFilename>' lines.

    The ones like this:

              <mCostFactor value="0.000000" />
              <mRotationScale value="0.500000" />
              <mCamPositionScalerAdjust value="1.000000" />
              <mTransitionInTimePercent value="0.400000" />
              <mTransitionOutTimePercent value="0.400000" />
              <mTransitionInDelayPercent value="0.000000" />
              <mTransitionOutDelayPercent value="0.000000" />
              <mHeightTigger value="800.000000" />
              <mHeightFadeRange value="400.000000" />

    That should get rid of them horrible clouds. Let me know how you get on or if you have any issues/questions etc :thumbsup:

  • @Reacon Re: [Help] Getting RID of high-altitude clouds;

    Hey man! I'm still having a bit of trouble removing those clouds; I've removed the XML blocks from the clouds.xml as WELL as set them to zero, and it seems that fucking rockstar games launcher (2019 edition) marks the game as corrupted as it's able to fucking detect the changes to the single file and mark it as corrupted; I don't get it!

    Anyways, have you been able to do it yet? If so, can you show an example; I'm on the steam edition, but if you have fivem that works too!

  • @Wetter42
    What specific message are you getting that indicates corruption? Any indication it's that specific file causing it or is it a more general corruption message? Being GTA V there could be a few variables at play here including the fact it could be caused by something else entirely (that needs to be eliminated anyway :thumbsup:).

    Do some testing to target the issue if you haven't already:

    Revert to backup > test game > no corruption message? > add 'clouds.xml' > message reappear?
    If getting corruption message does reverting 'clouds.xml' to vanilla (Note: without using a backup) fix it? etc

    Let us know the specifics of what you find out/have found out & we'll have a better idea of what is going on :thumbsup:

    Here's a few ideas & info to test & possibly eliminate issues:

    Are you using a 'mods' folder & installing the file to there? As I've found you can get some weird behaviour sometimes trying to directly edit vanilla 'game' folder files even if you do it 100% correctly.

    Here is a copy of the vanilla 'clouds.xml' with only the altitude cloud blocks removed.
    It completely removes those annoying altitude clouds with no need for any other edits.

    Try that out in your game first & see how you get on :thumbsup:

    RPF Corruption:

    If you are still getting a corruption message & you are using the 'mods' folder then it may be that edits have corrupted the entire 'common.rpf/update.rpf' (wherever you are installing it).

    Revert to a backup of the entire '.rpf' to get back from that. Further edits will usually compound the issue.

    If you can pop the file into the '.rpf' & then get the corruption message but if you remove it (without reverting to backup) & the message goes away, that would seem (not always) to indicate that the 'clouds.xml' is corrupt/corrupting the '.rpf'. Using the file I linked to above eliminates any potential syntax errors/typos causing it as that file is definitely correctly formatted & works 100% perfectly in my game.
    Still could be a corrupt '.rpf' that just doesn't like certain/any changes. I've seen that before (full revert to backup/vanilla & rebuild is about all that will fix that).

    Obviously, it could easily be a Rockstar cockup also. I can't account for that as I stopped updating years ago due to the infinite amount of hassle it causes & the fact I only play modded storymode.

    Multiple Locations: (try loading from a different one)

    The default vanilla install location of 'clouds.xml' is here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\common.rpf\data\clouds.xml

    but it can also easily be installed here (which takes precedent over the 'common.rpf' location & will be loaded by the game instead):

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\clouds.xml

    Trying out that location instead might help, or if using 'update.rpf' location already, delete the 'clouds.xml' file from there & use the 'common.rpf' location.

    Hopefully you can find a fix in there^ somewhere but if still having issues get back to us with what you have discovered & we'll go for round 2 :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in [Help] Getting RID of high-altitude clouds;:

    re still getting a corruption message & you are using the 'mods' folder then it may be that edits have corrupted the entire 'common.rpf/update.rpf' (wherever you are installing it).

    Dude! I'm a fucking dingus; LOL! I figured it out, then was still stuck, but got it!

    So first things first, my initial mistake was trying to edit the common.rpf file within the root of the GTA V directory rather than via the mods method; (I didn't have a common.rpf in my mods directory, but I created it after that!)

    Once the common.rpf file was copied into the mods folder, I made the change, but nothing was fixing it; so I opened up openIV, and I totally forgot that I had disabled the openiv ASI plugin; (Found in: Tools >> Asi Manager >> "OpenIV ASI")

    Once I enabled that, I was able to boot up GTA V successfully, AND when I flew up to the ceiling, I didn't get those shit clouds! :D

    Thanks so much for sticking with me while I got my act together! This has been great! :D

  • @Wetter42
    No probs bud :thumbsup:, happens to the best of us. Had a few duh moments myself over the years :upside_down:
    Glad you got it sorted :thumbsup:

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