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What am I missing? No mods are working in patch version .877

  • Okay, so I got GTA V not too long ago and updated to patch 791. I then disconnected internet so that I can play without it constantly updating. So I installed all my mod such as trainer, car controls, specific guns I like, etc. Everything worked perfectly fine. So now that I have explored some in the GTA V world, it is time to install LSPDFR. Come to find out my version 791 wasn't supported by Rage. So I couldn't play LSPDFR unless I updated to the current supported rage version and this latest Rage didn't support 791 anymore. So I updated the game to 877 which is the current version of Rage. I then updated to the proper 877 version of ScripthookDotNet and ScriptHookV. The game starts perfectly fine, but none of my mods work not even the most recent trainer. What files am I missing to make my mods not work?

    What is the best patch to play LSPDFR? Maybe I can downgrade and just stay at a single patch for a long time?

    I reiterate, I can't seem to get any mods to work in patch 877 with the latest versions of ScripthookDotNet and ScriptHookV. What am I missing? Please respond.

    Here is where I downloaded ScripthookV http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

    ScriptHookDotNet https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net

    Here are some of my mods that aren't working with my current 877 patch and current scripthooks



    Please help.

  • Does anyone have the old Rage that will work with the old 791 patch? Is it possible to make LSPDFR work on the old 791 patch? If so, what files do I need and can you send them to me please? Anyone?

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