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How to identify which mod caused a crash?

  • I’ve played a whole lot of modded Minecraft in a day, and that game features excellent and straight-forward crash logs almost always letting you know exactly which mod or mods caused a crash, but in GTA V, I see no such thing. I don’t know how to find my crash logs, let alone figure out what mod could’ve potentially caused a crash.

    After some googling, I figured out that a log is, apparently, located in Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V, called “launcher.log”; however, when I checked it, the time stamps are all from 2017.

    Does anyone know how I can figure out which mod caused me to crash? I’m aware of the method of removing mods until you stop crashing to narrow down the culprit, but the problem with that is that I don’t crash at a specific time. I just crash randomly every once in a while, so testing that would be really time-consuming and tedious.

    I have noticed a pattern, though: each crash happens while I’m in a car.

    And for some extra information: I’m playing with a DualShock 4 controller (i.e., a PS4 controller).

    Here’s my mod list. Maybe one of these mods are known to cause crashes or conflict with another one of the mods I’ve installed or something.

    Community Script Hook V .NET
    Open All Interiors
    GTAIV Burgershot Interior
    Working Burger Shot
    Ammu-Nation Truck Hijacking Events
    Crawl Injury
    Dynamic Hair Growth
    Hostage Human Shield
    IV Style Exit Vehicle [.NET]
    Low Life Crime
    More Random Events
    Real Paramedics
    Weapons On Back
    Working Hotdog Vendors
    Working Taco Trucks
    NEW Colorful HUD (Weapons, Radio & Map Blips)

    Any help is greatly appreciated! 💙

  • For me, some map mods (ymap or xml map with menyoo) caused my game to crash in specific spots on the map. Could be that the game tries to load too many entities in the world at one time and crashes as a result.

  • @gunsscorch The only map mod I’m using is Burger Shot interior (as well as Open All Interiors if that counts). The three crashes I’ve experienced all happened in wildly different locations on the map, so I doubt it’s related to a map mod. Thanks, though.

  • @Dimentive
    Is Hostage Human Shield working for you? I didn't installed this because a lot in the comment's saying it crashes by releasing the hostage.

  • @Justme2000 I haven’t tried using it yet, so that’s not the cause.

  • @Dimentive
    K and the crashlogs for the "first aid" you can find in your game directory:

  • @Justme2000 Thanks!

    I checked asiloader.log and ScriptHookV.log, but they contained nothing helpful. However, I also checked ScriptHookVDotNet.log, which did contain something seemingly helpful.

    Here’s my ScriptHookVDotNet.log. Judging from this log, the problem seems to stem from the Vehicles Persistence mod. However, I did also randomly crash in vehicles before even installing this mod; I switched Persistence II out with Vehicles Persistence recently.

    So, I don’t know, maybe both of those mods cause crashes? Or maybe the crashes were caused by entirely different mods. It’s also possible that Vehicles Persistence didn’t actually cause any crashes at all. It might’ve just been that the mod didn’t work at all, which people have reported on in the comments of that mod’s page. Those two persistence mods are very popular, so it’d be weird if they cause crashes and nobody complains about them. Maybe there’s some mod incompatibility going on here. I have no idea.

  • I don’t really think it’s the Vehicles Persistence mod causing my crashes, though, since as mentioned, I only started using it recently, switching to it from Persistence II.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can figure out the cause of my seemingly random crashes?

  • @Dimentive
    Sry, was not online for a while.
    Yes, the crashlogs give not everytime the solution. I would try to remove this mod and other (one by one), which you recently installed before the crashes started. If you can remember them.

    Maybe it helps to add screens of your game directory and script folder.
    Do you only have the crashes in vehicles?


    Almost every persistence mod out there will eventually lead to a CTD as the game's memory handling isn't meant to keep models loaded in permanently

  • @ReNNie Gotcha. That’s a shame. Guess I won’t use any of them, then.


  • @ReNNie Do you know if there’s a mod that lets you save your last used vehicle and nothing else to prevent memory issues and crashes?

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